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Microsoft Viva Insights workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

Discover how Microsoft Viva Insights helps individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalised insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organisation thrive.


Leader Insights

Dive deeper into aggregated dashboards and reports to help address complex business challenges, along with tools for custom analysis, and deep exploration.

Manager Insights

Learn how manager insights can help managers identify work patterns that can lead to burnout and stress, and address challenges head on with best practices and supporting research. 

Personal Insights

See how personal insights can help employees receive valuable insights to improve work patterns via personalised dashboard and digest emails. 

Data Analysis and Queries

Transform data into intelligence by leveraging data analysis tools and queries. Understand the depth and customisation available with Viva Insights analyst tools.


Earn trust and understand how to manage privacy with a compliance and privacy framework for insights. Attain a deeper understanding of how Insights data is used, handled and controlled.

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