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How to engage your workforce to drive increased business value 


An engaged workforce is essential to the success of any organisation. Businesses that don't invest time, effort and resources in making sure staff are engaged are putting themselves at a disadvantage and making it harder for them to achieve their objectives.

In this white paper, we explore why having engaged staff is a vital step to success, outline the essential tech and tools you can start using today to engage your teams, and explain how doing so will drive increased business value in the long-term. 

Download our white paper now to find out how you can harness the power of staff engagement to drive your business towards achieving its goals.

Just a few details

Engage, inform and empower your workforce with an intuitive intranet

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An intranet is the cornerstone of your digital workplace. Using our intelligent workplace solution, Core can deliver a modern communications platform to support your internal strategic goals and foster employee engagement by enabling staff to share information on a user-friendly platform, built on top of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 provides the foundation for collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. 

By leveraging Microsoft 365 cloud technology, we can create high-performing intranet solutions that offer the reliability of an enterprise solution without the expense of supporting and maintaining it in-house.

Core’s intranet solutions powered by Beezy let your teams collaborate, communicate and work together instantly, at any time and on any device. Intuitive, attractive and ready-to-use, they can also be customised with your company logo to reflect your brand.