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Hybrid Meetings and Rooms workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

The Hybrid Meetings and Rooms workshop is designed to showcase hybrid meetings through ‘art of the possible’ immersive experiences, use case design, and deep dive planning resulting with actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms.


What's New in Hybrid Meetings

This initial session will showcase Teams Meetings brand new features, and demonstrates Microsoft's continuous efforts to innovate, and improve. From auto-recording and real-time telemetry to translation and related content, discover the latest features to hit Microsoft's fastest growing platform.

Better Meetings with Teams

Discover how Teams Meetings combats distractions, enables follow-ups, and ensures that each participant is included and fully-engaged.

Hosting Virtual Meetings with Teams

Discover how Microsoft have enabled interactive virtual events to make those one-to-many events, more engaging, more memorable, and far more effective. 

Hybrid Work

This session will showcase how Microsoft addresses hybrid work for our customers. We will help define hybrid work, explain what it means for businesses, and demonstrate how Core, using Microsoft solutions, are making a difference to UK organisations.

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