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Identity and Access Management Whitepaper



At a time when organisations are realising the potential and capabilities of the cloud, and increasingly adopting cloud services for their IT,  an effective identity and access management solution which helps keep your IT environment secure is vital.

The right IDAM solution lets you manage the user logon process, authentication and access withdrawal for everyone in your organisation, to keep your systems secure at every stage of the user lifecycle.

Whether you have already adopted cloud solutions, are considering moving to the cloud or even taking a hybrid cloud approach, our white paper is essential reading. In it, we explain how it has come to be that identity is often overlooked by organisations, but why managing identity in the cloud is critical for security and the user experience, and why it should be at the core of your cloud strategy.

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IDAM Swish@4x



Identity management is always a factor in IT solutions, and is likely to be a key element of your IT strategy for years to come. Core's cloud-based IDAM solution solves the key security issues around identity management and is a policy-based administration solution that meets the needs of modern enterprises.  




Our white paper takes a detailed look the history of identity management until today, explains how our Aurora IDAM solution works and the advantages of having an identity management solution that grants secure access to the people in your organisation who need it, and keeps unauthorised users out.