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The Little Book of Managed Services 


Technology is the beating heart of business. It has the potential to transform how organisations work and forge the path to success. And at the heart of that is the IT team - working behind the scenes to keep innovative tech firing on all cylinders. But they can only do that if they're free from fire-fighting. Free from the daily demands of 'keeping the lights on'. Free to concentrate on the things that drive your business forward.

That's where Core comes in. 

Our managed IT services keep your tech ticking smoothly and leave your IT team free to work on the projects that add real value and keep you moving towards success.

In The Little Book of Managed Services, we explain why it's so important to realise the value of your IT team and how combining a killer IT crew with our managed services can make your business dreams a reality. 

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IT professionals are the key workers of business: responsible for keeping the company’s heart beating. But our report shows that they’re seriously under pressure, with 29% finding the job
too stressful.

The impact is impossible to ignore. A huge 71% of IT workers are getting less than two hours a day of genuine downtime, leaving little time for life outside work – which in turn is impacting sleep. In fact, more than 74% are getting less than the recommended 7-8 hours’ sleep on week nights.

But there’s good news, too. Our survey found there are clear steps for businesses to take to make sure the key workers of the organisation head off to bed with a clear head – and get a good night’s sleep. Firstly, there’s a positive link between the adoption of cloud technologies and people’s work/life balance, with 57% of those whose organisations have embraced cloud technologies feeling satisfied with their work/life balance.

We also found that as IT folk are freed from keeping the lights on to focus on more strategic issues, there’s a distinct upswing in their outlook. The clear message is that outsourcing the daily pressures can help transform wellbeing among IT professionals – and get them spending some quality time in the land of nod.