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On Demand

How to maximise value from your IT solutions providers

Using Smart Cloud Solutions

Many organisations use third party providers to leverage experience, expertise, and to help maximise the value of their IT solutions and infrastructure. Whether the aim is to improve security, increase efficiency or to produce a more user friendly solution, the use of partner organisations is becoming increasingly common.

Our Client Solutions Director, Eamon McGann, and our Public Sector Account Manager, Harry Reid, hosted a webinar which focused on how to get the best out of your MSP regardless of budget or pain points. This webinar will focus on a new way of engaging with partners, enabling customers to get more value through working with third parties.


  • Maximise the use of your budget and get more value from your MSP
  • Upskill your employees through knowledge transfer and training
  • Retain control of your solutions and your independence
  • Future proof your organisation through supplier neutral documentation; and
  • Hear from experience how this new method of working with partners is revolutionising the industry

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