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Collaborative Apps - Art of the Possible Workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

Core’s Art of the Possible Workshop is for business and IT leaders and provides all the information you need to fully understand the power of Microsoft Teams, Teams Voice, and Teams Meetings. Learn how Microsoft’s fastest growing product can simplify your business.


Solutions overview

Discover how Microsoft Teams can address the challenges of the modern workplace: remote workers, off-site meetings, flexible schedules, geographically-dispersed teams, multiple communication channels and ways of sharing files and information.

Teams meetings

Discover the powerful productivity tools that growth organisations are using today, and see how your organisation can benefit from effective communication and collaboration tools.

Teams app

Unlock even greater productivity with Teams App, a hub for modern businesses. The modern workplace is no longer confined to a desk or a laptop. Your employees can stay productive even while they travel to meetings.

Teams voice

Microsoft Teams Voice is a feature-rich telephony solution designed to enable the modern workplace. Users experience familiarity, convenience, and simplicity, while businesses benefit from improved productivity, simplified IT management, and reduced IT costs.

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