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On Demand

Who is Microsoft Viva for, and does my business need it?

Learn how your business can benefit from Microsoft Viva, with guest speaker from Microsoft, Karl Kocar.

Does your organisation suffer from any of the following?

  • Low employee engagement
  • Lack of connection to company culture, mission, strategy
  • Too much time spent searching for experts or information
  • Difficult to unlock “collective” organisational knowledge
  • Employee burnout on the rise, intensified by pandemic
  • Job demands increasing, including after-hours work
  • Lack of essential skills in workforce is barrier to growth
  • Not enough dedicated time to formal workplace learning (skills gap)

Our experts Kat Greenan (Microsoft Solutions Specialist), and Eamon McGann (Client Solutions Director), are joined by special guest speaker, Karl Kocar, from Microsoft. In this webinar on demand they discuss in detail how to better prepare your organisation, and create a culture which truly empowers both the individual, and your wider teams of employees.

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