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The Modern Workplace - it's time to tear up the rule book


New, innovative technologies create opportunities for us to rethink the way we work and redefine where we work. And the need for always-on communication and anytime, anywhere access to data and insights is causing businesses to rethink working practices and break down traditional barriers.

Technology is changing both the way we actually work, and the
way we think about work.

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Just a few details

Putting users at the heart of technology



End-users are the heart of this change. They’re the ones who are demanding anytime, anywhere, any device working practices, and IT must jump to meet these. IT needs to provide the tools they need to be secure, productive, and collaborative in a consistent manner – no matter where they are or how they choose to connect. And while it’s easy to imagine the “office of the future” as a disparate set of individuals on screens, this idea misses the importance of the human element.

People enjoy being part of a community and crave human interaction. Not to mention that companies are realising the power of the “spark” – that lightbulb moment – which arises in a chance conversation or meeting, often between people from different areas of the business. As a result, offices are being designed not simply to support collaboration but to actively encourage collision.