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Modernise Communications workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

Core’s Modernise Communications workshop is a modular engagement for you to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios. Through art of the possible demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning, you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone.


Hybrid work

Learn how you can enable a hybrid working environment with flexible phone capabilities, and a cost-effective and easy to manage platform.

What's new in Teams Calling

Discover the latest features in Teams Calling, such as seamless call transfer between devices, speed dial for mobile, Session Border Control certification and more.

Moving to Teams Phone

Discover how to introduce Microsoft Teams Phone to your business, side-by-side with a traditional PBX, or cut over to a full cloud solution, minimising risk with pilot and PoC schemes.

Calling with Teams Phone

In this session we'll introduce you to Teams Phone, and show you how you can provide a complete voice solution in the cloud with reduced reliance on-premises hardware and eliminate points of failure.

Devices for Teams Phone

In this module we'll introduce you to a range of Microsoft Devices and apps to complement your Teams Calling investment. From mobile and desktop usage, to conventional desktop phones, and even those valuable shared workspaces.

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