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Sustainability in the Modern Workplace with Microsoft Cloud 

With COP26 last year still fresh on our minds and sustainability a more important consideration than ever before, we have gone green on this webinar, as we shared how public sector organisations can improve their sustainability using Microsoft Cloud applications within the M365 toolkit, and new, greener, service offerings from Core.

Our Head of Public Sector, Paul Saer, shares the business, commercial and environmental benefits of the Microsoft Modern Workplace and a new compelling market offering to help minimise your carbon impact. You can also expect:

  • A review of Core’s first to market offerings, driving sustainability and environmental governance since 2013
  • Core’s commitment to leading by example in sustainability, the initiatives we have taken to ensure our operations support our environmental and sustainability goals
  • Sustainability in the Microsoft Modern Workplace
  • Business sustainability benefits - the impact of using Microsoft Modern Workplace tools on your business sustainability including remote desktop, device deployment and commercial benefits
  • Environmental sustainability benefits and pitfalls - how public sector organisations can lead the way and set the standard as modern, forward thinking institutions; and
  • Core’s new service to help customers further improve the sustainability of their End User Compute activities

This is a balanced review, as we look at impartial research and ways that it can negatively impact the environment.

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