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Teams as a Platform: Five apps to improve your Teams Collaboration

This recording covered how your business can benefit from the whole Microsoft Teams Platform, with Microsoft Solutions Specialist, Kat Greenan.

Features a deep dive into best practices, tips and tricks with Microsoft Teams:

  • What is Teams as a Platform and how can it provide a more productive and collaborative workforce?​
  • Enable leaders and communication specialists to send messages directly to multiple teams, employees, or any subset of an internal audience, over chat or in a Teams channel with the Communications app.
  • Learn how to have your most productive meetings with set agendas, ability to run meetings, and manage tasks with Decisions.
  • How you can keep your audience engaged with interactive polls using Forms.
  • Discover how to post a list of your pending Planner tasks on Microsoft Teams channel using Adaptive Cards.
  • How employees can request time off and make requests using the HR Bot.

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