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Defend Against Threats Workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

Learn how to put next-generation Microsoft security tools to work for you. Organisations today are managing a growing volume of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. Get help achieving your broader security objectives, and identify current and real threats by scheduling Core's Defend Against Threats workshop.


Threat Check

Using Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, and Microsoft Cloud App Security, we'll reveal active risks that are currently exposing your business, and provide solutions to mitigate them. 

Endpoint Protection

The Endpoint Protection module is an optional stage designed to gain insights on active threats to your Windows 10 endpoints. Using Microsoft Defender, we'll analyse your priorities for an endpoint detection and response solution, then deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into a subset of your production environment.

Hybrid Identity

After an initial analysis of your Active Directory structure, we'll define, scope and deploy Microsoft Defender for Identity in your production environment, configuring sensors on agreed AD servers. Once running, Microsoft Defender for Identity will reveal threats and weaknesses within your AD infrastructure,

Cost Savings

The cost savings module focuses on how Microsoft Security products can help you reduce costs, while demonstrating value. By analysing your existing security solutions and licensing, we'll demonstrate how Microsoft Security will not only reveal active threats, but could also reduce your operational costs.

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