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Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce workshop

Powered by Microsoft, delivered by Core

Envision agile work scenarios and learn how to enable your people to be productive by transitioning to cloud with Microsoft 365.


Hybrid Work

This session will showcase how Microsoft addresses hybrid work. We will help define hybrid work, explain what it means for businesses, and demonstrate how Core, by using Microsoft solutions, is making a difference to UK organisations.

Secure Journey to Cloud with Microsoft 365

Microsoft's end-to-end, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure is built on a foundation of security and privacy and helps every organisation in every industry build resilience and improve the bottom line.

Transition to Cloud Cost Savings

Transitioning to the cloud is an opportunity to improve efficiencies. Learn how you can support remote working while cutting costs. Understand what non-essential business expenses you can cut out.

Azure AD Business Value

In a modern workplace, centralising visibility and control of your users, devices, and apps is key. You need a solution that can connect everything, give you visibility to your entire digital estate, ensure that only right people have the right access to the right resources, while keeping threats out.

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