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As the world adjusts and we transition and transform the way we work, financial and professional services organisations are navigating the evolution from traditional working models to a remote and hybrid workforce, where location matters less. The shift is highlighting the importance of enhanced employee experience and engagement as one of the critical factors to maintain productivity, communication, collaboration and cohesion in a changed working world.

The recent launch of Microsoft Viva is a game changer to support this transition. Join us to learn about the recent launch of Microsoft Viva and how it can solve critical challenges within financial and professional services to become part of your employee engagement evolution and success. In this session, we provided an in-depth overview of Microsoft Viva, as well as live demonstrations of each pillar, showcasing the features from an end user perspective right through to the administrator experience.

Our presenters shared their predictions for use and provide knowledge and insights into how they see Viva growing. The agenda covers:

  • Introduction to and overview of Viva
  • Why it's a gamechanger as organisations evolve towards a stronger future
  • The four pillars of Viva: Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Learning and Viva Insights.
  • For each pillar, we cover what they are, why they're important, showcase the admin and user experience and give our predictions and roadmap for future use.

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Recorded: 15 September, 2021