WorkPoint 365 Webinar

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WorkPoint 365 makes it easy to manage your business operations from a single, familiar platform - Microsoft 365.

In our webinar, you'll discover how your organisation can maximise investments in Microsoft 365, reduce the need for third-party solutions, and enable a true hybrid workplace. 

About the Webinar

  • Learn how WorkPoint 365 adds a layer of logic to your existing Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Discover how WorkPoint 365 improves Document Management, Project Management, Case Management, Knowledge Management, Quality Management, and more.
  • See how WorkPoint 365 addresses common challenges that often require costly third-party solutions.
  • Experience a live demonstration to get a true feel for how the tool works.
  • Listen to our WorkPoint specialists as they discuss how the tool already benefits companies just like yours.
  • Get the opportunity to arrange a free consultation tailored to your specific needs.

Imagine having access to every digital asset from a single, familiar platform. 

Now imagine that platform is Microsoft 365.

Led by Core's Customer Solutions Director, Eamon McGann, and WorkPoint Director, Hans Ulrik Madsen, this webinar will offer you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into how WorkPoint 365 helps businesses just like yours, achieve better productivity, efficiency and reduce costs. 

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