COVID-19 has made remote working more important than ever

In the face of this global pandemic, businesses are now facing unprecedented remote working situations across their company. However, many aren’t prepared for a change in how they work; others may have the technology, but don’t know how to get started to enable everyone to work remotely and on any device.

In order to help during these extraordinary times, Core can provide an end-to-end solution to enable remote work, that is deployed in as little as two weeks. Allowing you to get your organisation and your users up and running and quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Activate your remote working solution with Core

Transforming your workforce in as little as two weeks

Core’s enablement and deployment strategy will quickly procure, configure, and enable the right collaboration tools to keep your users, customers and clients connected and collaborating seamlessly with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams - along with a structured virtual adoption and training for users.

Core’s team of experts will quickly lead you through the best practice approach to adoption, assisting you with your internal comms strategy, learning paths appropriate to your users needs and provide management reporting with insights.

Rapid Enablement Plan


Within 24 hours – assess your current business model

Analyse current technology capabilities and ability to scale out internally, including current communications plan and support structure


Within 72 hours – Identify how you can leverage existing technologies more effectively

Turning on services / access within Office 365 – activating licenses


Within 5 days – Develop a culture awareness and change plan

Customer Success Services: design a change management plan, including communications that encourage user adoption of key technologies, internal meetings and federation with suppliers, customers, external resources


Within 2 weeks –modernise and scale their collaboration capabilities as well as workforce engagement plans – fully rolled out with adoption plan

Identify how to expand the workplace capabilities, including a focus on home networking, broader networking, security, upgrading other tools and capabilities and helping your people learn and embrace new ways of working with each other

Helping to keep your business working

Core equip your remote workforce with communication and productivity tools for teamwork, collaboration and content management including audio/video devices and optimised network connectivity, as well as the security needed to work from anywhere safely, including user identity and access, MFA and managed devices.

We also provide virtual desktop configuration and deployments, remote working training, and help with change management, user adoption and governance.

Teamwork Swish@4x

Teamwork & Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a single pane of glass for productivity, bringing together all your productivity apps into one simple, easy to use platform - delivering a seamless productivity space for your business.

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Security Swish@4x


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security is an intelligent mobility management and security platform. It helps protect and secure your organisation and empowers your employees to work in new and flexible ways.

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End User Swish@4x

User Adoption

Empowering your users with the skills to implement remote work practices quickly and manage change effectively.

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Modern Workplace Swish@4x

Modern Devices

Giving your users the tools they need to work remotely like they would in the office.

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Managed IT Swish@4x

Connectivity Hub

Manage your all your IoT connections, securely and seamlessly adopt cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, with Core’s unique and innovative Connectivity Hub solution. Ensuring your networks can handle the weight of remote working without impacting productivity.

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Customers Swish@4x


Supporting you and your teams with the right information, on-hand virtually to offer practical guidance and advice to keep your users productive.

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