Setup a central hub for all your connections

Manage your connections to IoT devices and securely and seamlessly adopt cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, with Core’s unique and innovative Connectivity Hub solution.

Connectivity Hub routes your IoT connections through a single-tenancy array, making it a secure, more cost-effective and flexible way to connect your devices.

Connectivity Hub Overview

  • Reduce the cost of your connections by simply buying the right volume of connections to cover your enterprise-wide bandwidth requirements
  • Connectivity Hub can act as the central point for your 3rd party connections, reducing cost and complexity
  • Connectivity Hub is hosted in a secure Tier 1 datacentre, with top-flight security, so your connections are totally secure
  • Connectivity Hub performs deep packet inspection on all unencrypted traffic and quarantines suspicious data, so your IoT data lake is not infected.
Connectivity Hub

Why choose Connectivity Hub from Core?

Connectivity Hub from Core lets organisations with multiple offices and locations consume dedicated cloud connections, without having to install a dedicated connection at each office or site. This innovative solutions allows our customers to:

  • Aggregate expensive cloud connections
  • Aggregate other connections to 3rd parties
  • Improve their connection security
  • Reduce the risk from IoT

A faster, simpler, more secure connection for your devices

Core has been a leader in cloud services for 10 years, so we know the challenges organisations face when moving to the cloud.

With this in mind, we've created unique technology - a cloud-hosted aggregation solution - which puts connections into a high-availability, totally secure, single-tenancy array which is deployed and managed by us.

It's called Connectivity Hub.

Like the cloud for your connections, Connectivity Hub gives you a reliable, high-speed and secure connection for cloud services. No matter how many connections you have, Connectivity Hub can route them through one central hub, so you don’t need individual connections at every site.  Connectivity Hub aggregates the right number of connections in one communications array which lets you adopt cloud services without the expense of multiple connections. 

If your company changes office locations or needs to expand connectivity, we have that covered, too. We can expand bandwidth on connections or enable new connections faster than any other solution.

So that your connections are always secure, Connectivity Hub includes firewall security and threat detection. Any suspicious data streams are quarantined for inspection.

Connectivity Hub from Core operates independently of your existing bandwidth providers, so you're free to change provider in a way that's cost and risk-free.

Connectivity Hub from Core - a faster, simpler, more secure way of connecting your devices across any number of locations, at a lower cost.


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