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At Core, we understand our environmental responsibilities as a UK business and IT Managed Service Provider, and we understand how important it is for our customers to partner with responsible providers.

We must all do our part to look after our planet; to acknowledge the climate crisis and channel it into climate action. Modern technology is emerging every day, and we are in a fortunate position to be supported by our key supplier, Microsoft, with their pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 and support their partners with innovation and progress reporting. That’s why Core’s carbon management approach is threefold.

“At Core Technology Systems, we are committed to offsetting our internal carbon usage and working towards the Net Zero goals in line with Microsoft, with the support of our partners and suppliers. We are committed to leading by example, and encourage our customers to do the same, as we launch our new carbon offset managed desktop solution and broader sustainability program in 2022.”

Conor Callanan
Chief Executive Officer


Our Carbon Management Proposition

Carbon reduction

Reducing our carbon output

By leveraging Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and services, Core utilises Microsoft’s mature carbon management program.

As a result of eliminating our need for private data centres, we have significantly reduced the volume of carbon our business creates.

As a result of using shared, hosted office space, we also benefit from our office provider’s carbon program. Our remote working policy also means that less emissions are produced through our reduction in staff commutes.

We are happy to meet customers face-to-face if that is their preference, but we encourage video call meetings where possible to reduce carbon emissions, and our customers generally ask for calls rather than face-to-face meetings.

Offsetting carbon usage

Offsetting our carbon usage and helping customers do the same

A sizeable portion of any business’ carbon footprint stems from user devices.

Our use of End User Compute platforms means that even the logistics processes we use to provide our employees with hardware are as efficient as can be. In 2022, we are launching our carbon offsetting program for customers, and leading by example by pledging to plant trees to offset the minimal carbon each employee managed desktop creates.

We have partnered with experts in the field to evolve a robust and long-term program to encourage customers and partners to take action to offset their carbon use and where possible, set targets to achieve net zero targets.

We understand how important it is for our customers to demonstrate their efforts towards carbon offsetting. As such, we are offering our customers an uncomplicated way to offset the carbon their employees create. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our Account Managers about carbon offsetting for your users, either as an add-on service, or a standalone product, please get in touch.

Carbon management tooling

Carbon management tooling

To support our customers’ journey towards carbon offsetting, part of our sustainability program includes giving our customers access to a dynamic reporting platform that helps businesses align business practises to targets, including net zero trajectories.

The dynamic reporting can help to meet regulatory carbon footprint requirements, product lifecycle analysis, and simplifying carbon calculations.

Our efforts towards minimising the impact our business has on the environment primarily focuses on assessing, calculating, reducing, and offsetting the carbon we create. Responsible practises are embedded into Core’s values. We have a responsibility to our customers to provide effective measures to reduce the impact of digital services, and we are committed to providing a workplace and business our employees are proud to be a part of. We are committed to providing future generations with opportunities to have a significant impact on the way businesses operate, with a small impact on the environment.

CEO of Core, Conor Callanan, sums up our commitment by saying:

“We’re at a pivotal moment for our business, and as we grow, we want to do it sustainably, for both the future of our environment, and for our future. Whilst climate change presents many challenges, we believe that there are also many opportunities for businesses to create efficiencies and improve productivity and impact through assessment of their processes, supply chain and carbon footprint. At Core, we have the opportunity to help other businesses create a better future, and we’re keen to take a leadership position in helping to unite companies in our industry to think differently and make a difference together.”

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