Keeping retail businesses agile, productive and able to the put their customer first

From the heart of the high street to online empires, the retail industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to IT.

Retailers need to be in control of their IT. They need solutions that drive their business forward by enabling them to meet customer expectations and making it easy for staff to do their jobs. For retailers, it’s important their IT is working for them 24/7, keeping things running smoothly and letting staff focus on providing the best service.

Core’s Microsoft solutions for the retail sector are designed to keep retail businesses agile, productive and able to the put their customer first.


How Core can make a difference

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Secure, centralised storage

Retailers can focus on customers more when their data is organised, searchable and easy to access. A secure central hub for data and documents like Microsoft SharePoint is the answer. Used by millions, SharePoint is highly customisable, can be accessed remotely and on premises, and includes security features so that access to data is controlled.

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Intranets and collaboration

The retail sector is known for its high staff turnover, which can impact productivity and customer service. So, how can you keep your best staff and make sure service is consistently good? Engage them. A company intranet is a great tool for engaging teams. Within a secure platform that’s unique to your organisation, you can share information across departments and make communication easier. Engaged staff are happier and more likely to stay, so you can spend less time and money on recruitment and focus on the tasks that grow your business.


Flexible working

Having lots of stores and regional offices means retailers need to be able to work flexibly, from anywhere and at any time. That way, staff can easily move between locations and give customers the information they want, wherever they are. Solutions like Core’s Desktop as a Service give your teams access to a full-featured IT environment from any device and location, so your teams are totally flexible.

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Identity management

Retail teams need to be able to access the information they need to provide the best possible service to customers; but it’s also important to control who can access your data, and to withdraw that access when people leave. With Core’s identity solutions you have control over the whole user lifecycle, from on-boarding to off-boarding, so you can relax knowing the right people can access the information they need.

Case studies

poundland_0 (002)


Core replaced Lotus Notes with Microsoft Office 365 and deployed Active Directory and System Centre to transform how the company managed their infrastructure.



Core migrated BrightHouse from Notes to Exchange, designing, building and piloting the solution so that their 800 staff could work flexibly and securely.

bibby (002)


Thanks to Core’s consultancy services, Bibby Financial Services knows that Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is now doing the best possible job


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