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Delivered by Core with Microsoft funding available for eligible customers, our workshops are designed to help you realise the value of Microsoft technologies in your business, gain real value from your investment and transform the way you work.

Our range of workshops covers every aspect of the modern workplace including productivity, collaboration, identity, security and compliance and communication, with interactive and engaging sessions that bring the art of the possible to life. 

The workshops are a collaborative and immersive experience; our experts will work with you to identify your business objectives and establish the Microsoft technologies to help you achieve them. 

Together, we’ll create a roadmap for deployment and adoption in your organisation using actionable insights from our deep-dive discovery. We can also help you with your long-term strategy to ensure you continue to achieve your business objectives beyond the initial implementation.

Many businesses qualify for Microsoft funding for our workshops, so you can experience the power of Microsoft solutions first-hand at no cost to you. 

No matter what your business goals are, there's a Microsoft technology to make them happen and a Core workshop to put you on the path to success.

Find out more about our workshops below.

Discover our range of workshops

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Core’s Compliance Workshop is designed to help you protect data across every part of your organisation, addressing compliance risks head on. The workshop centres around the Data Risk Check which leverages Microsoft 365 tools to analyse your data and identify potential problem areas as part of a deep-dive into your compliance strategy, helping you identify current risks, establish compliance priorities and create recommendations to achieve them.

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Core’s Identity Workshop empowers organisations to stop the data breaches of tomorrow in their tracks by successfully securing user identities and devices. Effective management of identity and devices is a fundamental part of an integrated, end-to-end security strategy; our workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to authenticate and manage your user credentials and devices while still enabling your teams to collaborate and work with the people around them.

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App Identity Evaluation

Core's Identity Evaluation Workshop is designed to help organisations gain greater insights into their app landscape to improve security strategies, define high-level plans for migration from ADFS to Azure AD, and see potential cost reductions in the process

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Hybrid Cloud Security

Core's Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop is designed to help you identify threats to your hybrid cloud environment and learn how to overcome them by deploying the right tools as part of your hybrid cloud security strategy.

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Teams Apps and Solutions

The Apps and Solutions Workshop for Microsoft Teams brings to life the art of the possible, showing you how to transform the way you work together and unlock your digital transformation. Through envisaging the art of the possible, we’ll demonstrate the power of Teams with common use cases, brainstorm scenarios that solve your pain points and then build the plan for roll out and adoption in your organisation.

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Teams Calling

Core’s Teams Calling Workshop lets you experience the capabilities of the Microsoft Teams with Phone system first-hand and explore the advanced communication scenarios that perfectly showcase how Teams can transform communication. Our Teams experts will help you build a comprehensive plan to adopt and deploy Microsoft Teams Calling and revolutionise communication within and outside of your organisation.

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Teams Meetings and Meetings Rooms

Core's Microsoft Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop is designed to transform meeting culture in your organisation and enable collaboration from any location using Teams’ powerful modern meeting capabilities. This workshop will help you understand your teamwork priorities and drive the transformation of meeting culture in your organisation by giving you an immersive experience that showcases the art of the possible when it comes to modern meetings.

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Core’s Security Workshop helps you realise the value of Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 in your business. This full-day engagement will identify current and real threats to your organisation, create actionable recommendations for tools and strategies to mitigate them, and help you develop a strategic, customised security plan based on recommendations from our cybersecurity experts.

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Data Risk Check

A workshop designed to give a comprehensive overview of your data and potential risks to its security, including how to mitigate these risks.

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Discover Sensitive Data

Discover the sensitive data held in your organisation and learn how to protect it in this workshop designed to enhance your security and compliance posture.

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Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Transform your employee experience with the new engagement and experience platform from Microsoft, Viva. This workshop will show you how.

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Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Insights in Microsoft Viva is an essential tool for improving productivity, engagement and employee experience in your organisation. Find out how to use Insights to improve productivity and employee experience with this workshop.

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Microsoft Cloud Managed Service Partner

Core is a Microsoft Cloud Managed Service Partner, specialising in Microsoft 365 technology. 

We have been handpicked by Microsoft due to our status as a fully managed partner, holding eight gold competencies across the Microsoft 365 solution stack. Microsoft have chosen Core to lead their UK programme of technology-enablement workshops.

Since we were founded in 1990 and started our Microsoft journey, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft’s cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets Core apart is a talented and passionate team who truly love what they do, demonstrating boundless enthusiasm and dedication in every single project.