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Implementing the right systems to improve your internal processes

Legal firms need to be able to access confidential information quickly and easily, but they also need to meet strict legal compliance laws and make sure only authorised people have access at the same time. This means they face a unique challenge and need IT solutions that make information accessible to users while being secure.

The legal sector also needs to be able to share information effectively in their organisation. The right IT solutions can help improve the flow of information around your company, give staff more flexible working options and increase efficiency when dealing with clients. It’s about implementing the right systems to improve your internal processes so that you can put clients first and achieve the outcomes they want.



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Document Swish@4x-1

No more paperwork

Move away from mountains of paperwork with a document management system that is secure, organised and comes with version control to stop duplication. Microsoft SharePoint is a trusted document management system where documents can be easily searched and securely accessed, so information is centralised and your people can quickly find what they need to do their job.

IDAM Swish@4x

Secure identity management

For the legal sector, it’s essential IT is secure; after all, few sectors process as much confidential and sensitive data. It’s a balancing act to make sure staff can access the data they need while restricting access for those that don’t. Core’s identity solutions take the hassle out of access management; your people are given access to the information they need, with restrictions put in place to remove access when they move on.

Modern Workplace Swish@4x

Flexible working

When people can access the information and applications they need from anywhere, they can provide clients with better service. That’s what Core’s managed services, like hosted desktops, do. Your teams can access a full-featured IT environment from any location and device, so productivity doesn’t have to stop and client demands can always be met.

Intranet Swish@4x-2

Intranets and collaboration

A company intranet can be used to engage staff and make collaboration easier. They’re highly customisable and can be built around your unique needs. For the legal sector, this means having a private network where teams can work together and communicate, breaking down siloes and encouraging and encouraging knowledge sharing throughout your company.

Case Studies

L.E.K. Consulting

Core built a bespoke SharePoint knowledge management system for L.E.K. that fulfilled all their requirements and let their offices around the world store, search and retrieve content quickly.

Press Association

Core migrated press agency The Press Association to Microsoft Office 365, exploiting Exchange Online and Active Directory Federation Service to provide single sign-on.

Investors in People

Core implemented SharePoint for Investors in People so that they could streamlined the process of content creation and publishing, and and make it easier for people to find what they were looking for.


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