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Flexible and secure IT services that keep you going, day and night

The UK manufacturing industry is the backbone of the country; without it, lots of the services and products we take for granted wouldn’t exist.

To keep up with the demand and pace of this rapidly-evolving industry, manufacturers need agile IT that is flexible, enables productivity, reduces security risks and help them meet compliance laws; and all this needs to happen effortlessly. IT should drive your organisation forward, like a powerhouse working in the background, without you even noticing. Core’s IT solutions for the manufacturing industry are just that; flexible and secure IT services that keep you going, day and night.


How Core can make a difference

IDAM Swish@4x

Secure IT you can count on

Sensitive information, intellectual property and even trade secrets; manufacturers see it all. Because of this, securing your IT is essential. Core’s security solutions protect every part of your IT, from rights management to data-leak protection, device management and even compliance. With security taken care of you can concentrate on productivity and output.

Modern Workplace Swish@4x

Flexible working

If your teams can work flexibly, productivity never needs to stop. Flexible working is an essential part of being agile. Core’s Desktop as a Service lets you access a full-featured IT environment from anywhere and on any device, so your teams can work from any location and are always connected.

Intranet Swish@4x-2

Intranets and collaboration tools

Intranets are the ideal collaboration tool, making communicating easier, providing a place to share knowledge and improving working processes, within a secure and private platform that’s unique to your organisation. You can even integrate a customer portal to give your customers access to the information they need at any time.

Business Process Swish@4x-2

Automating work processes

Customer demands are always growing, and manufacturers need to be able to keep up. Process automation software lets you automate those business processes that take up your precious time but essential, so your teams can concentrate on powering your business forward.

Read some examples of our work in Manufacturing


PJ Valves

Complete customisation and integration of Microsoft CRM with new and existing applications provides a new streamlined business process across the world

phonak_960x380 (002)


Core deployed a SharePoint for Phonak so that they could better manage workflows, document lists and libraries, and to allow them to track issuing of company property.

carte-blanche (002)

Carte Blanche

Core created a licensing and approval solution built on SharePoint to give the Carte Blanche team a more efficient workflow and easily tracked procedures.


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