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Secure solutions that transform the way you work


The UK financial services industry is one of the largest in the world, generating billions of pounds for the economy every year.

But lots of financial services companies are using complex legacy IT systems which don’t make work easier – they slow it down. The sector faces a unique IT challenge: the need to keep important historical data versus the need to update systems so that processes can be modernised, they can be more flexible and most of all, deliver the service customers expect.

The finance sector needs IT that’s agile but totally secure; you need IT which drives you forward and gives you the power to provide services on a global scale without wrestling with outdated technology.

This is where Core can help. Our IT solutions for the finance sector can transform how you work, from transferring your historical data into leading-edge software to document management systems that keep your documents organised and secure cloud solutions that let you work from anywhere.


How Core can make a difference

Document Swish@4x-1

No more paperwork

A good document management system is an essential tool for financial services companies. It lets you move away from paperwork and gives you a secure, central hub to store your documents in. Core’s document management solutions are built around Microsoft SharePoint – a trusted system which keeps your documents organised, lets teams collaborate and is easily searchable. When information is easy to find and securely stored, you can respond quickly to your customers’ needs.

IDAM Swish@4x

Identity management

For financial services companies, it’s important that confidential data is kept secure, but can be searched and accessed by the people in your team who need it. Core’s identity and access management solutions are designed to take care of the whole user lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. They enable access for the people in your organisation that need it, while making sure those that don’t, can’t. Knowing these measures are in place lets you concentrate on the stuff that grows your company.

Security Swish@4x

Secure and reliable IT

As a financial services company, you’re trusted with the most confidential data - and keeping that data secure is essential. Core’s security solutions protect every part of your IT, so you can focus on strengthening customer relationships instead of worrying about IT.

Modern Workplace Swish@4x

Mobile working made easy

Give your people the power to work from anywhere and on any device, with cloud solutions which enable mobile working and are totally secure. Core’s cloud solutions, like our managed desktops, give you a full-featured IT environment, with access to all the data and documents you need, from any location; perfect for busy financial services staff who need to work from client sites and outside of the office.

See some examples of our work


Bibby Financial Services

Making more efficient use of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

CNA Hardy

CNA Hardy

​Core worked with CNA Hardy to standardise processes and increase cohesion between departments

riverstone_960x380 (002)

RiverStone Europe

Core implemented a migration and data conversion plan to migrate RiverStone from Lotus Notes to Office 365.


Speak to our Financial Services Account Manager

Natalie Tarrant

Natalie looks after Core’s customers in the finance and insurance space and has been at Core since 2015. Since then, Natalie has worked with customers within these verticals to help organisations transform their IT whilst also helping them save time, money, and increasing value to their customers and employees.

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