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Membership and not-for-profit organisations face a constant balancing act between providing the best possible experience for members and supporters, and keeping IT costs low. IT solutions need to provide value for stakeholders while enabling organisations to put their members at the heart of operations.

NFP and membership bodies also face a unique set of IT challenges: making sure member data is current, providing a single source of truth for member data, tailoring communication so that every member has a unique experience and integrating this with various software, like finance and education modules. It’s a complex scenario which needs unique IT solutions to make it a reality.

Core’s IT solutions for NFP and membership organisations helps you overcome the unique challenges of the sector, so that your members get value from their membership, and a fulfilling experience which makes them want to stay.

How Can Core Make A Difference

Membership Swish@4x

Seamless member management

Our CoreMem membership solution harnesses the CRM capabilities of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and gives seamless integration across the organisation, from your website to internal finance systems. Because every membership body is different, the modules can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation, people and most importantly, members.

Document Swish@4x-1

Centralised storage and collaboration

It’s important for membership organisations to have their data in order so that you can give a seamless, professional service to members. Core provide data and document solutions built around Microsoft SharePoint which put you in control of your data - who can access it and how it’s used. SharePoint can also be accessed from any location and any device, so productivity never stops.

Modern Workplace Swish@4x

Becoming a modern workplace

Cloud technologies are changing the way we work - they make businesses more agile, productive and futureproof, so they can focus on providing the best possible experience to customers. Core’s cloud solutions, including Microsoft Office 365, create a flexible, secure and powerful IT environment which increases productivity and starts you on your journey to becoming a modern workplace.

Intranet Swish@4x-2

Intranets for membership

A customised, company-branded intranet is the perfect platform for communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and improving processes in your organisation. You can also share company news and updates, praise a colleague and get employee feedback to keep staff engaged, enthusiastic and committed to providing the best possible experience for your members.

Read more about our work in the Membership / NFP sector

national autistic society

The National Autistic Society

The charity decided to replace this out-of-date system with a new intranet complete with integrated document management.


London First

A fully integrated membership management system that has streamlined operations and minimised admin costs.


Royal College of Ophthalmologists

A new membership platform for the RCO to manage and maintain member data, and to create a unified view of member data across the organisation.


Speak to our Membership Account Manager

Callum MacKay

Callum is the Education and Not-For-Profit (NFP) Account Manager at Core. Since joining Core in 2017, Callum has worked with Universities, Schools, NHS Trusts, Central and Local Government bodies, charities and membership organisations. Callum has experience across a range of Microsoft technologies, including but not limited to Microsoft Teams, Security, Windows 10, Azure AD and Dynamics 365. As a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, Callum has experience advising on the use and adoption of Microsoft technology. Callum is also passionate about the power of Accessibility and Inclusion to help every person and organisation achieve more.

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