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Our difference

We are on a mission to deliver innovative business transforming technology solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our culture

Our values guide us in everything we do and help shape our culture and customer approach. Find out more about our values and meet some of our team.

Our Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we’ve been at the centre of the revolutionary changes that technology has brought to every aspect of life and we continue to stand by their side at the centre of tomorrow’s digital transformations.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our partners

We have successfully built relationships with multiple partners that prepare businesses for the future.

Carbon management

We understand our environmental responsibilities as a UK business and IT Managed Service Provider, and we understand how important it is for our customers to partner with responsible providers.


Our team is made up of a diverse group of people from all around the world, and we all have one thing in common: we’re passionate about providing our customers with outstanding solutions.

Thinking of selling your IT business?

Core is a well funded Microsoft Solutions Partner with a 30 year history of being at the heart of control in IT.

We are supported by our bankers and have funds available for strategic business acquisitions. Together with our successful acquisition track record and a commitment to making deals happen, now is the perfect time to talk to us if you are considering selling your IT business.

If you are interested in discussing a potential exit of your IT business, please complete the form on the right. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence and a mutual non-disclosure agreement will be exchanged prior to any discussions taking place.

Interactive Microsoft workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you realise the value of Microsoft technologies in your business, gain real value from your investment and transform the way you work.

The workshops are a collaborative and immersive experience; our experts will work with you to identify your business objectives and establish the Microsoft technologies to help you achieve them.

Request a workshop

Our range of workshops covers every aspect of the modern workplace including productivity, collaboration, identity, security and compliance and communication, with interactive and engaging sessions that bring the art of the possible to life.

Download our workshop guide

Read more about the interactive workshops we offer, and how they can benefit your business by downloading our guide.

MCI Workshop Introduction

Managed Services

Discover why Core is the first choice for many organisations looking to add flexibility, efficiency, and expertise to their teams.

Cloud Technology

From Microsoft’s leading platforms to bespoke cloud solutions, Core’s range of cloud technology solutions covers everything the modern workplace needs.

Professional Services

Whichever challenges you face on your digital journey, Core's professional services team has a solution to help, from IT Project Management to our innovative Smart Services.

Public Sector

Certified secure solution for the public sector, providing a reliable, flexible, secure and affordable IT solution.

Commercial Sector

Certified commercial sector solutions, covering all your commercial needs from financial and legal services, through to manufacturing.

Download our Frontline Workers white paper

Learn how technology can help to balance productivity with wellbeing for Frontline Workers.

White paper: How technology is revolutionising the health and productivity of frontline workers

Why our customers choose us

Since we were founded in 1990 and started our Microsoft journey, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft's cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets us apart is a talented and passionate team who truly love what they do, demonstrating boundless enthusiasm and dedication in every single project.


"It was apparent from day one that Core had a depth of knowledge in Microsoft 365, which we simply hadn’t found anywhere else."

Greater London Authority

"Core has a lot of experience working with the public sector, which was definitely a benefit."

Angel Trains

"There’s such a good working relationship with Core, it’s like having another permanent person in our organisation."


"We had a really good, down to earth relationship with a few of the guys, and they know what they are doing."

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The Core knowledge hub

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights, trends, and discussions from Core's team of subject matter experts through our blog topics and news articles.

Managed Services


Managed Services

Explore our managed services

Discover why Core is the first choice for many organisations looking to add flexibility, efficiency, and expertise to their teams.

Managed User Services

The modern workplace has evolved, inspiring innovative technologies, increasing cloud adoption, and enabling flexibility into the way we work.

We believe that businesses striving to meet the demands of a modern workplace need modern managed services behind them, providing users with the support they need, wherever they are.

Core’s range of managed services begins with the user in mind. Our Managed Service Desk and Managed End User Compute services work hand in hand, or as standalone services, streamlining your users’ workday, from the moment they log in to the moment they sign off.

Managed User Services

Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud services provide you with the tools and security your users need, wherever they are. Managed by our service management team, our cloud services have been developed to provide 2nd and 3rd line support to our customers’ service desk functions.

Managing a modern workplace, providing agility to users, and managing the platforms on which your business can grow, requires a broad range of skills that are often hard to find, and often harder to sustain. Our Managed Cloud services deliver the capabilities your business needs without the overheads.

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and our specialists know exactly how to deliver results and drive greater value for our customers.

Managed Cloud

Managed Infrastructure

Our Managed Infrastructure solutions are designed to provide comprehensive support for your physical hardware, ensuring that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

Whatever the nature of your IT infrastructure, from physical server hardware through to network infrastructure, our Managed Infrastructure solutions provide the support you need during your digital transformation.

We understand that many businesses still rely on legacy hardware. We also understand the need for physical infrastructure to be supported to the same high standard as cloud infrastructure. That's why our managed infrastructure services are the perfect solution for hybrid environments.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed SaaS

Our Managed SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings provide businesses with the flexibility, practicality, and functionality of cloud applications, but with the level of professional support organisations require.

These platforms provide key roles within organisations, enhancing and adding to value to a Microsoft environment.

Applications like SharePoint Online and Dynamics CRM are the backbone of many businesses, with employees relying on the versatility the cloud platforms to work from anywhere.

Our Managed SaaS services enable that flexibility, bolstering IT support capabilities with hard-to-find specialist skills.

Manages SaaS

Core IT Managed Service Desk

Having a strategic technology framework is crucial for your business success.

At Core, we provide a holistic suite of managed IT services, professional services, and innovative Core Smart Services, tailored to propel your organisation toward optimal outcomes and success.

We distinguish ourselves by offering hybrid support from our teams based across England, Scotland, and Poland, providing unparalleled industry service levels. We boast an impressive first contact resolution rate (FCR) of over 70%, frequently surpassing 90%, coupled with an exceptional average response time of just 10 seconds via phone.

Core IT Managed Service Desk fact sheet

Talk to us about your managed service requirements

Fill in the form to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists and get a free assessment of your environment:

What you'll get from the assessment:
  • An understanding of how your business can develop a Modern Workplace
  • Clear advice on any challenges your business may face and how to overcome them
  • A clear pathway for your business to take, with guidance on adoption and deployment

We are a Microsoft Cloud Managed Service Provider, specialising in Microsoft 365 technology

We help businesses transform through technology, and provide value-added support for solutions built on the Microsoft Platform. We listen to your needs and understand them, so you can achieve the required outcomes effectively.

Powered by Microsoft, we provide solutions that connect, secure and transform your business, improving the way you work and enabling you for future growth.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we are supported by Microsoft to lead the UK programme of technology-enablement workshops, with proven technical capability demonstrated via our solution designations.

Since the foundation of our business in 1990, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft’s cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets us apart is our #OneCore inclusive culture of talented and passionate team members who truly love what they do, demonstrating enthusiasm and dedication to customer success in every single project.

Microsoft Solutions Partner