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Our difference

We are on a mission to deliver innovative business transforming technology solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our culture

Our values guide us in everything we do and help shape our culture and customer approach. Find out more about our values and meet some of our team.

Our Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we’ve been at the centre of the revolutionary changes that technology has brought to every aspect of life and we continue to stand by their side at the centre of tomorrow’s digital transformations.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our partners

We have successfully built relationships with multiple partners that prepare businesses for the future.

Carbon management

We understand our environmental responsibilities as a UK business and IT Managed Service Provider, and we understand how important it is for our customers to partner with responsible providers.


Our team is made up of a diverse group of people from all around the world, and we all have one thing in common: we’re passionate about providing our customers with outstanding solutions.

Thinking of selling your IT business?

Core is a well funded Microsoft Solutions Partner with a 30 year history of being at the heart of control in IT.

We are supported by our bankers and have funds available for strategic business acquisitions. Together with our successful acquisition track record and a commitment to making deals happen, now is the perfect time to talk to us if you are considering selling your IT business.

If you are interested in discussing a potential exit of your IT business, please complete the form on the right. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence and a mutual non-disclosure agreement will be exchanged prior to any discussions taking place.

Interactive Microsoft workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you realise the value of Microsoft technologies in your business, gain real value from your investment and transform the way you work.

The workshops are a collaborative and immersive experience; our experts will work with you to identify your business objectives and establish the Microsoft technologies to help you achieve them.

Request a workshop

Our range of workshops covers every aspect of the modern workplace including productivity, collaboration, identity, security and compliance and communication, with interactive and engaging sessions that bring the art of the possible to life.

Download our workshop guide

Read more about the interactive workshops we offer, and how they can benefit your business by downloading our guide.

MCI Workshop Introduction

Managed Services

Discover why Core is the first choice for many organisations looking to add flexibility, efficiency, and expertise to their teams.

Cloud Technology

From Microsoft’s leading platforms to bespoke cloud solutions, Core’s range of cloud technology solutions covers everything the modern workplace needs.

Professional Services

Whichever challenges you face on your digital journey, Core's professional services team has a solution to help, from IT Project Management to our innovative Smart Services.

Public Sector

Certified secure solution for the public sector, providing a reliable, flexible, secure and affordable IT solution.

Commercial Sector

Certified commercial sector solutions, covering all your commercial needs from financial and legal services, through to manufacturing.

Download our Frontline Workers white paper

Learn how technology can help to balance productivity with wellbeing for Frontline Workers.

White paper: How technology is revolutionising the health and productivity of frontline workers

Why our customers choose us

Since we were founded in 1990 and started our Microsoft journey, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft's cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets us apart is a talented and passionate team who truly love what they do, demonstrating boundless enthusiasm and dedication in every single project.


"It was apparent from day one that Core had a depth of knowledge in Microsoft 365, which we simply hadn’t found anywhere else."

Greater London Authority

"Core has a lot of experience working with the public sector, which was definitely a benefit."

Angel Trains

"There’s such a good working relationship with Core, it’s like having another permanent person in our organisation."


"We had a really good, down to earth relationship with a few of the guys, and they know what they are doing."

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The Core knowledge hub

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights, trends, and discussions from Core's team of subject matter experts through our blog topics and news articles.

Digital Business Platforms

Cloud Technology

Digital Business Platforms

Microsoft technologies drive UK businesses, but we understand the requirements for further digital platforms to provide those niche capabilities. These platforms provide key roles within organisations, enhancing and adding to value to a Microsoft environment.

Core has selected key partners that complement our services and solutions, bringing enhanced capability to our customers such as intranet, membership, and identity, as well as document, case, matter, HR, and project management solutions that bring advanced tools to Microsoft SharePoint.

Each of our digital business platforms has been carefully selected to enhance our customers’ experiences, simplify environments, and enable digital transformation.

Our digital business platform solutions

Discover the endless advantages of our cutting-edge Digital Business Platform solutions. Designed to revolutionise the way you do business, our solutions offer a wide range of benefits that will elevate your organisation to new heights.

Document management
Our document management solution applies a layer of logic to your existing Microsoft 365 environment. Manage documents, projects, cases, contracts, quality, knowledge and more from a single, familiar platform - SharePoint.

Keep your communication and information flowing throughout your organisation. Our document management solution integrates with Teams, meaning you can create a more open, digital environment that makes work visible, simple, and accessible, so everyone can stay in the know.  

Benefit from our document management platform faster with our out-of-the-box solutions tailored for project management, case management, matter management, HR management, quality management, and more. Our platform integrates directly with SharePoint, providing the advanced tools our customers need from SharePoint.

Core Intranet
Microsoft 365 provides the foundation for collaboration between internal and external stakeholders and leverages Microsoft 365 cloud technology, allowing us to craft intranet solutions that have the same high performance and reliability of an enterprise solution without the excessive cost in ownership of an in-house team to support and maintain it.

Benefit from an intranet that integrates easily with SharePoint Online, scales without the need for development, and is accessible anywhere. Our customisable design, and custom permission features provide greater employee engagement, making deployment smoother, and adoption simpler.

Core Membership
Core's membership solution delivers an all-in-one tool for associations, clubs, and not-for-profit organisations to manage membership functions online, eliminating the need for multiple software programs.

Based on 30-years of industry experience, we add future-proof services that help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Improve efficiencies by automating admirative tasks, increase ROI (return on investment) by reducing the need for third-party applications, and minimise errors with a platform that integrates with your existing Microsoft environment.

Core Identity
Core’s identity solution helps businesses in every sector take control of who can access their systems and network. It is designed to make sure the right people can access what they need, while keeping your systems and data secure from unauthorised users.

Our IDAM (Identity and Access Management) uses leading Microsoft security and works on the principle of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to control who can access your network and under what circumstances. Our IDAM platform also includes propriety technology to offer additional functionality and capability to enhance your Microsoft environment.  

Custom permissions allow you to define the criteria users must meet to be granted access while restricting access to the things they do not need. That way, you are always in control of who is on your network. 

We have considered the full user lifecycle, from their very first day at your company to their last. Once a digital identity is created, it is maintained and monitored for the duration of the user’s lifecycle.

Business Process Automation
We believe technology enablement is about people. It is about putting the power of IT into the hands of the users and empowering them to do more with it.

Our Business Process Automation platforms allow you to visually plan and map your business processes, identify and build your ideal candidates for automation, and go on to optimise based on the data collected during operation. 

Enhancing your Microsoft environment by automating and optimising processes does not require custom code. With just a few clicks you can make significant improvements, meaning your processes evolve with your business, and do not get left behind.


Talk to us about your Digital Business Platform needs.

Fill in the form to discuss your options with one of our specialists and get a free assessment of your environment:

What you'll get from the assessment:

  • An understanding of how your business can develop a Modern Workplace
  • Clear advice on any challenges your business may face and how to overcome them
  • A clear pathway for your business to take, with guidance on adoption and deployment

What our customers say about us

Simon BealeIT Development Manager, Angel Trains
The team at Core are excellent. We enjoy working with them and they have experts in a wide variety of fields so can help with most projects we need assistance with.
Angel Trains
Alistair TriggIT Manager, Hart District Council
Core provides really cost-effective and flexible support in a model that works really well for Hart. Through Core’s implementation of advanced infrastructure projects, we’ve been able to offer a better experience for our communities, with the appropriate security and compliance we required.
Jane LoveseyProgramme Manager, Six Degrees

Core have been outstanding to work with. They really listened to what we were trying to do, talked through all of their ideas, and fully explained the pros and cons involved while taking into account our long-term business goals.


Tom BradyChief Information Officer, The University of Law

Over the years, Core and the University of Law have built a strong relationship based on trust, expertise and knowledge. Core has always listened to and addressed our specific needs, before tailoring a specific and precise solution, whether that be delivering a successful SharePoint Online project, or when approached for some guidance or advice around Dynamics 365 licensing. We very much look forward to collaborating on future projects with Core.


Stephen WarrenImplementation Manager, David Lloyd Clubs

It was apparent from day one that Core had a depth of knowledge in Microsoft 365, which we simply hadn’t found anywhere else.

With pre-purposed training modules and the ability to tailor training to our specific needs, Core ticks all the boxes. What may have taken weeks to prepare by way of training materials, instead took only days.


Rob LeverSenior IT Operations Manager, Cornerstone

Core have helped us with various projects, from initiation to delivery for web development to app deployments, and they have always shown a high level of expertise and creativity. Core is not just a solution provider, they are also a trusted advisor who take time to understand our needs and goals to ensure our investment delivers value to the business. In an age where supplier engagement can be painful, it has been a pleasure working with Core since the outset!