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Microsoft technologies drive UK businesses, but we understand the requirements for further digital platforms to provide those niche capabilities. These platforms provide key roles within organisations, enhancing and adding to value to a Microsoft environment.

Core has selected key partners that complement our services and solutions, bringing enhanced capability to our customers such as intranet, membership, and identity, as well as document, case, matter, HR, and project management solutions that bring advanced tools to Microsoft SharePoint.

Each of our digital business platforms has been carefully selected to enhance our customers’ experiences, simplify environments, and enable digital transformation.

Our digital business platform solutions


Document Management

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Our document management solution applies a layer of logic to your existing Microsoft 365 environment. Manage documents, projects, cases, contracts, quality, knowledge and more from a single, familiar platform - SharePoint.  

Keep your communication and information flowing throughout your organisation. Our document management solution integrates with Teams, meaning you can create a more open, digital environment that makes work visible, simple, and accessible, so everyone can stay in the know.  

Benefit from our document management platform faster with our out-of-the-box solutions tailored for project management, case management, matter management, HR management, quality management, and more. Our platform integrates directly with SharePoint, providing the advanced tools our customers need from SharePoint.


Core Intranet

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Microsoft 365 provides the foundation for collaboration between internal and external stakeholders and leverages Microsoft 365 cloud technology, allowing us to craft intranet solutions that have the same high performance and reliability of an enterprise solution without the excessive cost in ownership of an in-house team to support and maintain it. 

Benefit from an intranet that integrates easily with SharePoint Online, scales without the need for development, and is accessible anywhere. Our customisable design, and custom permission features provide greater employee engagement, making deployment smoother, and adoption simpler.


Core Membership

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Core's membership solution delivers an all-in-one tool for associations, clubs, and not-for-profit organisations to manage membership functions online, eliminating the need for multiple software programs. 

Based on 30-years of industry experience, we add future-proof services that help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Improve efficiencies by automating admirative tasks, increase ROI (return on investment) by reducing the need for third-party applications, and minimise errors with a platform that integrates with your existing Microsoft environment.


Core Identity

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Core’s identity solution helps businesses in every sector take control of who can access their systems and network. It is designed to make sure the right people can access what they need, while keeping your systems and data secure from unauthorised users. 

Our IDAM (Identity and Access Management) uses leading Microsoft security and works on the principle of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to control who can access your network and under what circumstances. Our IDAM platform also includes propriety technology to offer additional functionality and capability to enhance your Microsoft environment.  

Custom permissions allow you to define the criteria users must meet to be granted access while restricting access to the things they do not need. That way, you are always in control of who is on your network. 

We have considered the full user lifecycle, from their very first day at your company to their last. Once a digital identity is created, it is maintained and monitored for the duration of the user’s lifecycle.


Business Process Automation

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We believe technology enablement is about people. It is about putting the power of IT into the hands of the users and empowering them to do more with it.  

Our Business Process Automation platforms allow you to visually plan and map your business processes, identify and build your ideal candidates for automation, and go on to optimise based on the data collected during operation. 

Enhancing your Microsoft environment by automating and optimising processes does not require custom code. With just a few clicks you can make significant improvements, meaning your processes evolve with your business, and do not get left behind.


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We are a Microsoft Cloud Managed Service Provider, specialising in Microsoft 365 technology.

We help businesses transform through technology, and provide value-added support for solutions built on the Microsoft Platform. We do this by listening to your needs and understanding them, so you achieve the outcomes you need. Powered by Microsoft, we provide solutions that connect, secure and transform your business, improving the way you work and enabling you for future growth.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for three decades, we are supported by Microsoft to lead the UK programme of technology-enablement workshops, with proven technical capability demonstrated via our 14 gold and silver Microsoft competencies.

Since the foundation of our business in 1990, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft’s cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets us apart is our #OneCore inclusive culture of talented and passionate team members who truly love what they do, demonstrating enthusiasm and dedication to customer success in every single project.