10 reasons to partner with Core

By Lucy Sharman

At Core, we work extensively with our partners to deliver robust, resilient and scalable cloud technology, based on a solid Microsoft foundation.

Our partners get our full support and backing to help them develop a customer base and we actively work with them on their sales pipeline providing pre-sales, technical and implementation advice and guidance to make them more successful.

However a company connects with the Core partner program, it’s a really awesome moment, representing a huge opportunity to take a customer challenge and extend the value of it tremendously, which ultimately expands the scope of both Core and the partner.

Partners can bring additional capabilities to Core and are able to provide that additional value to customers and create a solution that will serve to be a long-term customer relationship.

Here are the ten reasons why solution providers, training providers and technology partners join the Core partner program.

1. Relationship-driven

Our sole focus is creating successful partner relationships. A leading reason for partnering with us is because we’re intimately intertwined with the technology industry, and our fully managed partner status with Microsoft sets us apart from the rest. We not only look at technical fit, but also just as important – cultural fit between your business, your team and ours.

2. ROI focused

Our partnerships yield ROI for your company and ours. With a full understanding of your business, brand equity, market share and profit margins, our goal is to ensure you will have a great success story with Core.

3. Decades of expertise

With 30 years of experience and 30,000+ end users across 200+ customers, our team of experts have technology transformation down to a science. We empower you to make quantitative and qualitative decisions in order to achieve your business goals.

4. Hands-on partners

Relationships can only blossom if direct feedback is given. That’s why we are hands on partners, meaning we provide you direction, counsel and advice. This allows you to make comprehensive decisions from start to finish.

5. Proven track record

Our track record speaks for itself; our partnerships outlast the industry average by three to five times due to our personalised approach and experience.

6. Flexible tiers

Core’s partner tiers are tailored to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to sell with confidence and grow your business.

7. Streamlined process

Core’s partner team focus on streamlined processes making us the ultimate master of our craft. We are detail oriented, organised, efficient and effective, allowing us to get you to the finish line and seeing ROI and results faster.

8. Strong resources

Access to a dedicated partner coordinator to develop long term strategic goals. Core will also provide specialised account managers with industry knowledge and expertise, along with access to technical/marketing support to ensure our technologies are working together in an integral way.

9. Transparent communication

To save time, money and any possibility of an unfit relationship, we keep all communication transparent. This ensures that you are well aware of what you’re getting into long before a partnership is agreed upon.

10. Undivided attention

We understand that there is absolutely no room for error when selecting partners – this is a long-term commitment for you and us. For this reason, hand pick all partners to ensure there is a complimentary cultural and solution fit for both our customers and yours.

Becoming a Core partner allows your business to offer a resilient, revolutionary and desirable service to your customers, with the support and expertise of the Core team behind you.

To find out more about Core’s partner programme, please get in touch: lucy.sharman@core.co.uk or visit the Partner page on our website.



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