The far reaching benefits of outsourcing IT security

By Lucy Wright - November 26, 2020

New cybersecurity threats are constantly emerging. No matter how prepared organisations try to be, the cybersecurity landscape changes at a pace most can’t keep up with. Hackers are always finding new and more sophisticated ways to attack organisations and individuals, and with remote working leaving businesses even more vulnerable to malicious threats as employees access data remotely and work on their own devices, it’s never been more important for organisations to have a strong and healthy security posture.

But managing IT security is a whole job in itself; and many IT teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate the time and resources needed to effectively maintain a security setup that is robust enough to deal with today’s myriad threats.

When this is the case, outsourcing IT security is a viable alternative that can not only arm organisations with more stringent and effective security, but also reduces costs in the process.

We’ve rounded up the key benefits of outsourcing IT security to convince those organisations that are still unsure why it could be the best move they make all year…

Reduce risk for your organisation

By outsourcing, the risks associated with managing your security in-house is transferred to the service provider. They are the ones responsible for meeting compliance regulations and providing the level of security stipulated in your agreement; and they have the expertise to deliver. As part of your Service Level Agreement, a plan will be in place to mitigate the risks associated with a security breach and to keep downtime to a minimum. Your service provider will also perform regular backups to prevent data loss in a worst-case scenario.

Scale up or down as needed

Whether you’re inundated with security requests or everything is running smoothly, an in-house security team still needs to be paid. This could mean you’re paying for services that aren’t being used. Outsourcing means your security can be paid for an as-needed basis, saving you money and giving you greater flexibility. Depending on your company’s needs, you can scale up or down the security experts working for you, and in times of high demand, security can be stepped up.

Compete with the big players

Many SMBs can’t compete with larger organisations when it comes to IT security provided by an in-house team. It’s harder for these businesses to attract and retain the same talent, offer the same salary and have the budget to spend on the most current and sophisticated security solutions.

Outsourcing IT security makes the playing field a little more level. By doing so, smaller businesses can have access to highly skilled IT security experts, using the best solutions, that match those used by larger businesses by their in-house teams. And while budget constraints would normally make this out of reach for most small companies, the outsourcing model of only paying for what you use makes it a really cost-effective way of enhancing security and compliance, without having to spend substantial amounts upfront.

Better security, lower cost

Training and keeping an in-house IT security time can be really expensive. To attract and retain the best talent, you have to pay a competitive salary and invest in the best security hardware and software.

By outsourcing security, you have access to highly skilled IT professionals that specialise in security and have access to the best security technology, but you don’t have to pay each of them a salary. On top of this, you aren’t responsible for the many costs associated with an in-house security team; risk analysis, security software and hardware (and ongoing updates and break/fixes), equipment and threat modelling. The cost savings from outsourcing your security can be reallocated to other areas of the business.

Streamline your business focus

With security being looked after by your service provider, your IT team is free to focus on growing your business and improving the customer experience, instead of troubleshooting and resolving user problems. The contribution your IT team makes to the success of your organisation cannot be underestimated; with the burden of security removed, they’re able to focus their energy on the things that really add value.

Next steps

Core can help you improve your security posture and make better use of the security features in Microsoft 365 so you get more value from your licences.

Our Security Workshop is the ideal starting point; using actionable insights from our discovery session and analysis, our experts work with you to address current security issues, overcome the challenges of legacy systems and produce a strategic, long-term security plan.

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