Don't let rail strikes affect productivity - work anywhere with Office 365

By Lucy Wright - December 06, 2019

Commuters face travel chaos in the run up to Christmas, as South Western Rail (SWR) began a 27-day strike on 2nd December.

The strike is over having guards on trains, with the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union demanding that guards should operate the doors and perform other safety duties in dispatching trains. The strike will be the longest strike against a major rail operator in living memory, and means many people will struggle to get to work or face extended journeys while the strike is on.  

Fortunately, employees at organisations using Office 365 won’t have to battle with overcrowded trains and reduced service,

Employees can access all the essential Microsoft productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote from any location and a choice of devices including smartphones, PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets and iPads.

OneDrive for Business, which is also part of Office 365, gives staff access to all their work files on the go, as long as there’s an internet connection. Files are backed up and totally secure, so there is no risk in accessing them remotely.

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams lets staff communicate instantly from home, a coffee shop or any location they can get online. Instant messaging lets people ‘talk’ in real time without having to send and receive emails, and with remote meetings staff can still be at important meetings, without having to be in the office.

Having the tools in place to enable staff to work from anywhere, access all the files and data they need and communicate instantly and in a variety of ways means productivity never needs stop, no matter what the circumstances. Offering flexible working is also a sure-fire way for companies to attract and retain talent, in a business world where remote working is increasingly the norm. Discover how the tools in Office 365 can transform the way you work, in our eBook, Office 365: Which tools, when.


You can find out more about flexible working with Office 365, at Core’s free modern workplace event on Wednesday 11 December 2019. Speakers from the Core team and our partners, Nintex and Microsoft will show you the tools needed, like Office 365, to become a modern workplace, transform the way you work and have the agility to navigate an ever-evolving business and IT landscape.



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