How secure is your home network? Find out with our checker

By Core Newsroom

The Covid-19 pandemic means that much of the global workforce is now working remotely, from outside of their usual office locations. 

A survey by the UK Office of National Statistics in April 2020 found that almost 50% of workers were working from home at that time. This presents organisations with lots of challenges, especially those that, until now, have not had much of a remote working culture. IT security is one of the main challenges which has arisen during the pandemic. 

Working from home means employees have to use their own networks, WiFi and device to do their jobs - and these are often not as secure as those they would use if they were in the office. 

To help remote workers find out if their home network is secure, and isn't leaving them and their organisation open to security threats and hacks, we have created a security checker to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Take this short self-complete survey now to review your home network configuration and ensure you are meeting required security settings while working remotely.

A member of the Core team can contact you after this short survey if you would like someone to review your results and help you create a more secure working environment.

Netowrk Security CTA-1

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