Modern Workplace Productivity Gains - Episode 4 - Cost Savings

By Lucy Wright - March 16, 2020

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's collaboration and communication platform which has transformed the way teams work together.

One of the key benefits and reason to use Teams is the potential cost savings it offers to businesses. 

Teams enables easy remote working and collaboration, so travel, meeting room and accommodation expenses can be drastically reduced, as people connect from their location, instead of face to face. 

Because Teams combines all the productivity apps of Office 365 in one place, users save significant amounts of time by not having to switch between platforms throughout the day, which ultimately means they have more time to dedicate to doing the things that will grow the business. Essential resource, like your IT team, are also free to focus on tasks that add value and drive the business forward.

If you would like to know how Teams and other Microsoft modern workplace technologies could benefit your business, our Teamwork Assessment is the perfect starting point. 

Our assessment provides you with structured support as you journey to becoming a modern workplace and identifies opportunities to enable teamwork and collaboration in your organisation through the deployment of Microsoft Teams.



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