Modern Workplace Productivity Gains - Episode 1 - Improved ways of working

By Core Newsroom

Microsoft Modern Workplace

There's lots of hype around modern workplace technologies and how they are the "future of work". But if you're investing in modern workplace tech, you want to know exactly what benefits you will see from your investment. 

In this video series, brought to you by our Microsoft Solutions Expert, Kat Greenan, and Client Solutions Director, Eamon McGann, we explore the tangible productivity gains that modern workplace tech like Microsoft Office 365 and Teams can bring to your business, starting with improved ways of working. 

Using Teams for project-specific communication instead of traditional email makes it easier to keep track of everything. All your conversations and actions can be viewed in one place - no more scrolling through endless emails - and because you can edit files in the app, you can say goodbye to email attachments and multiple versions of the same document. 

Here's Kat

Here's Kat with a few more ways using Teams can improve the way you work...


To find out how Teams can work in your organisation to make communication and collaboration easier, book a Teamwork Assessment with Core. 

This Teamwork Assessment provides you with structured support on your journey to become a modern workplace and identifies opportunities to enable teamwork and collaboration in your organisation through the deployment of Microsoft Teams.


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