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What it means to be a UK Microsoft Partner

By Core Newsroom

Core has been a UK Microsoft partner for more than 30-years, and delivered the first instance of SharePoint in Britain. Since those early days, Core has evolved alongside Microsoft technologies, adapting to the cloud, adopting Microsoft’s vision, and helping our customers get the most value from Microsoft solutions.  

Microsoft Advanced Partner 

It isn’t just Microsoft’s solutions that have evolved over the past three decades. The partner framework that forms the supply and delivery of Microsoft technologies has grown from rather cold and uninformative Bronze, Silver, and Gold denominations, in which Core achieved the Gold Partner status, to a system in which Microsoft customers can find UK Microsoft partners with the speciality they are looking for. As a result, Core is now an Advanced Microsoft Partner with the Modern Workplace speciality, leaving customers browsing UK Microsoft partner lists no doubt as to exactly how we can help.  

Responsibilities of being a UK Microsoft Partner 

The Microsoft partner status is not merely a badge Core may wear with pride, allowing it to ride the wave of Microsoft’s success. Being an Advanced Microsoft Partner comes with a huge responsibility. Before we even speak to potential customers, our teams need to go undergo extensive training across all areas of our specialisations, so that when customers describe the challenges they face, we have the expertise to guide them towards a solution that will work. Years of maintaining the partnership means we have the experience to deliver and manage Microsoft solutions effectively, and with customers across both private and public sectors, we understand the challenges and how to overcome them.  

All of this means that Core is both an extension of Microsoft, and the hand that guides customers towards success delivery – and those are not responsibilities Core takes lightly.  

Why use Core? 

An internet search for UK Microsoft Partners will reveal, hundreds of businesses. But one of the values that makes Core stand out is its Microsoft-centric focus. Microsoft solutions are not just another product that Core resell, it is the foundation of everything Core does. Core’s cyber security partner, Bridewell, are also Microsoft focused, which adds great value to Core’s customers. The advanced project and document management solution we offer, WorkPoint 365, is built on top of SharePoint Online, allowing us to extend the capabilities of Microsoft’s offering.  

So, if your business uses Microsoft 365 as its backbone, and you’re looking to get the most value from those solutions, eliminating the need for tertiary third-party solutions and simplifying your technology roadmap, then Core can provide you with that focused expertise, driving down costs, reducing overheads, and improving the lives of your employees.  

Email us at hello@core.co.uk or call us on +44 20 7626 0516 to learn more.


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