L.E.K. Consulting - Case Study

By Core Newsroom

With numerous office locations, L.E.K. Consulting needed a secure knowledge management system with fast search.

L.E.K. Consulting is a global organisation supporting leading corporations in their chosen industries.

They were struggling with a knowledge management system that was unable to cope with their growing demands.

L.E.K. Consulting wanted a solution that could be customised, with robust security and fast search.

“It is easier to find content and the built-in RSS newsfeeds are vital when working on a time-sensitive case for a client. The Q&A area has helped people to communicate and share knowledge quicker and easier.”

 L.E.K. Consulting


Bespoke knowledge management system that meets their needs

SharePoint was the ideal solution for L.E.K. Consulting. Core built a bespoke SharePoint knowledge management system for L.E.K. that fulfilled all their requirements.

The new system let L.E.K. offices around the world store, search and retrieve content quickly, to and from centralised servers.

An effective system with great staff engagement

L.E.K. can explore the full functionality of SharePoint and develop a robust knowledge management system.

The company are enjoying the nicer environment and new tools that SharePoint offers, with high levels of engagement throughout the entire staff.


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