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Welcoming a New Era: CompanyNet's Logo Transformation Reflects Our Unified Vision

By Core Newsroom

We are delighted to share a pivotal advancement within our Core family. Since Core welcomed CompanyNet into our group in 2022, we've envisioned a future where our combined strengths forge a path for unparalleled service and innovation. Today, we mark a significant milestone in this collaborative journey by proudly unveiling a refreshed logo for CompanyNet, signifying our harmonious stride towards a unified identity.

Embracing a Shared Identity

This transformation goes beyond a visual update. It's a reaffirmation of our shared commitment, values, and enthusiasm for what we can achieve together. While the esteemed name 'CompanyNet' remains unchanged, this rebranding aligns with Core's aesthetic, symbolising our integrated businesses and shared objectives. It's an external reflection of our internal unity, the synergy between our teams, and our collective pursuit of excellence.

Expanding Capabilities, Same Trusted Focus

While we introduce this visual change, what stays constant is the essence of CompanyNet - its focus, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. What evolves is an expansion in capability, as CompanyNet leverages Core's extensive resources and expertise. Together, we stand as a beacon of broader skillsets, deeper investments in Microsoft-centric technologies, and a robust commitment to nurturing the success of our clients.

Seamless Continuity for Our Stakeholders

As of today, the new CompanyNet logo will be present across various platforms, starting with their official website and including a prominent update on professional networks like LinkedIn. This transition represents our mutual path and will resonate across all touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive narrative for our clients, partners, and employees. Our goal is to maintain a seamless experience for you and all our stakeholders, infused with renewed energy and commitment.

Embarking on a Journey Together

Our reinvigorated brand identity for CompanyNet is a testament to our future together - a future built on the foundation of enhanced service delivery, innovation, and a customer-focused approach that has always been at the heart of what we do.

We are enthusiastic about what this means for our clients and projects, and we invite you to share in this excitement. Your continued trust drives us to explore new frontiers and deliver the excellence you've come to expect from both Core and CompanyNet.

We appreciate your support as we step into this new chapter, and we encourage your feedback and curiosity. Should you have any inquiries about this transition or wish to understand how our fortified alliance enhances your interaction with us, please reach out.

For more news, announcements and service offerings, please visit our website at Core Technology Systems and follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/core-technology-systems-uk-limited.

Thank you for being pivotal to our evolution.

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