Complete Guide to Creating an Intranet

By Louise Mahrra - November 01, 2018

An intranet is a useful tool for organisations of every kind. Most companies use their intranet to create better communication and easier collaboration between teams. They can also be used as a secure place to store documents, and as a social tool for employees.

Intranets can be bought and used as an out-of-the-box (OOTB) solution, or customised. You can keep your intranet simple and streamlined or have lots of features; either way, it will be
reflected in the cost.

Because functionality can vary so much, an intranet can be designed to suit almost any budget. They don’t have to be prohibitively expensive, but they can represent quite a
significant investment for some companies. For this reason, seeing a return on investment (ROI) is usually the main priority for businesses that are updating or getting a new intranet.
This is perfectly achievable, but it does rely on careful planning to make sure your intranet meets all your needs.

Read more by downloading the intranet guide on the page here.

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