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How can businesses start to adopt and embrace the cloud?

By Core Newsroom


How can businesses start to adopt and embrace the cloud?

For organisations that aren't yet using cloud services, knowing where to start can be daunting. In this Q&A, our Head of Public Sector, Paul Saer, speaks to Core's Chief Commercial Officer, Rye Austin, about why businesses should embrace the cloud, potential challenges to overcome and what the future of cloud adoption looks like.



At the start of this year, we commissioned a survey of more than 250 IT professionals to find out what part of the job is keeping them awake at night and how we can help them sleep more soundly. The results were a wake up call, with many of our surveyed pros finding work stressful, losing sleep and having little downtime.

But there is hope. 

Cloud solutions and modern workplace tools are key to reducing stress amongst IT teams and enabling more productivity with less stress. 

Find out what they told us in our exclusive report - ready to download now.

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