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Core's Autopilot service for Windows 10 makes setting up and configuring devices quicker and easier than ever before. Autopilot technology can also be used to recover, reset and re-purpose devices that might otherwise have been redundant.

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Windows Autopilot removes the pain of device rebuilds


Core is in the unique position of including leading-edge Windows Autopilot technology as part of our standard offering and have proved the technology at scale. We offer:

  • A Windows 10 build that is UK government compliant and follows Microsoft best practice
  • The ability to harden or relax the build depending on what your company needs
  • A build is maintained by us, with Microsoft updates performed automatically

With Windows 7 rapidly approaching end of life, and substantial support fees for users who fail to migrate, Autopilot is the quickest, easiest most convenient and cost-effective solution to replace and refresh devices that have historically run Windows 7.


windows 10 autopilot

Why choose Core for Windows Autopilot?

Windows Autopilot makes setting up and configuring devices quick, easy and painless.

Autopilot makes it simple to deploy Windows 10 on any and every device in your organisation, in as little as an hour. By following a URL which Core provide, and completing a few forms, the machine will auto-rebuild in front of you to become a fully-managed end point in about 60 minutes. Instead of having your devices rebuilt externally, then shipped back to you - which costs time and money - your devices can be rebuilt and ready to use in a lunch hour. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, Autopilot can reduce the cost of deploying, managing and retiring your devices, and reduce the time your IT team spends doing these things.

Windows Autopilot is leading-edge technology, but at Core we’re already well-versed in it. We’ve just performed the largest Windows 10 roll-out in Europe for a local government organisation, so we’ve proven the tech in scale.

However you choose to use Windows Autopilot, it means your devices are ready when you are.


Windows Autopilot Overview


Save time and money on setting up devices

  • Leading-edge technology, proven at scale by Core
  • Reduce the cost and time of deploying and managing your devices

Simple for end users and IT teams

  • In just a few simple clicks devices are ready to be used
  • Your IT teams no longer to need to spend time building and customising images to be deployed later

Restore and rebuild broken devices

  • Rapidly restore broken devices and make them ready to use
  • Quickly configure and prepare devices for new users
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