Zero-latency network protection and intrusion detection

With cyber crime on the rise and cyber criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to attack networks, businesses need powerful intrusion detection platforms. 

We have partnered with SonicWall – an award-winning provider of firewalls and cyber security solutions – to deliver a next-generation firewall service. The system has near zero latency, meaning there’s no delay between making a request and receiving a response.

It operates at multi-gigabit speeds, meaning malware (and other threats) are identified and removed in the same stroke – long before they can enter your network.


Premium security so you don't need to worry

Through our cloud-based firewall offering, you benefit from premium security, real-time network monitoring, near zero latency intrusion detection, expert support and service, and complete control. So don’t worry about your network security – leave that to us and get back to what you do best.

Our Security Workshop is a great starting point for any organisation that wants to review and improve their IT security, giving you a comprehensive overview of your current security landscape, helping you address and solve security challenges and concerns, and enabling businesses to comply with industry standards and regulations.


Modular security, suitable for any business

A firewall and/or intrusion detection platform isn’t a nice to have – it’s a business necessity. Our solution provides you with enterprise-grade security that’s both cost-effective and customisable.

Regular reporting and backups

We’ll send you a network security report each week to keep you informed of threats. We’ll also back up your data to give you peace of mind. 

Service level agreements

To ensure consistently high levels of service, we’ll set up service level agreements with you as part of our commitment to protecting your network.

Expert configuration and customisation 

As part of our managed firewall service, we put all the required systems in place for you and keep them up-to-date with regular updates. The system can be scaled up and down to suit your needs.


Talk to our experts

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