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Optimised solutions that work for your organisation

Stuck with legacy systems that are slowing down your IT? What about old technology that is still in place despite being past due for retirement?

Not only is this type of infrastructure slow and clunky, it also affects your organisation’s productivity and overall effectiveness – not to mention the expensive upkeep this kind of infrastructure requires.

Whatever the nature of your IT infrastructure, from physical hardware (servers, cabling etc.) and network (such as firewalls etc.), we can assess what you have and implement an optimised solution that works for your organisation.

Deploying a Solution That Works For You

We’ll take a look at your existing IT infrastructure to see where you might have latency issues, legacy systems, or other challenges that put a squeeze on your resources. This also includes security (things like Identity & Access Management, etc.)

Together, we’ll define your policies, rules, and requirements, and we’ll manage your entire estate. We’re on hand to implement and deploy new solutions for you, offer proactive support and staff training across your entire IT infrastructure, and provide solutions that are designed to work in your business world – using a blend of cloud services and on-premise systems.

Everything is fully managed for you, so you can carry on with what’s important to your organisation.

Cost Effective and Flexible

  • Avoid capital expenditure and keep operational expenditure under control
  • We can deploy new systems and applications on our infrastructure, removing the need for up-front investment on servers and other equipment
  • We make it easy for you to scale up and down
  • Additional resources can be quickly deployed
  • No 'lock in' commitment means there’s no cost penalty if you decide to change the level of service or capacity you require

The Little Book of Managed Services

38% of IT professionals we asked said they have lost sleep worrying about work. In The Little Book of Managed Services, we introduce the IT services that can change the way your IT team operates, reduce the burden on your IT professionals and allow them to use their skills on more valuable projects which power your business forward - and give them a better night's sleep.

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