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Cloud Conversion and the Rush to Remote

By Louise Mahrra

Rye Austin, Chief Commercial Officer and Brian Packer, Chief Operating Officer at Core, recently sat down with Maya Middlemiss of UC Today to discuss how Core are rising to the challenge of supporting our customers to switch over fast to home-based working - whatever their preference or starting point.

After all, the team at Core are no strangers to helping clients to transition successfully to cloud-based working, and as UC Today discussed with them they have a structured change management process to enable this with maximum success and minimal disruption.

Of course you’d expect power users of Teams, like Core to be across the full capabilities of the tool suite, but they’re using their tactical knowledge to help clients build capacity fast but in a structured way, as Austin explained, “because we can’t do the normal governance planning, we’re offering controlled bite-sized rollouts to get people working for the most urgent use cases”. Later on they can dig into the project management and other functionalities of Teams, which are really ideal for remote workflow monitoring and visibility.”

All of which feeds into the speculation about what work and the workplace will look like in the future, once lockdowns are lifted, and we could all theoretically go back to the office. As Packer concluded,

Remain Productive and Effective

When managers understand that people can remain productive and effective, one of their main objections to remote working is removed, and managers themselves learn to operate differently, as Packer continued, “We have ‘Teams’ channels for departments, and individual one-on-ones, and we also have project-based sessions. I am talking to three or four people about different things at the same time in different channels, and moving all those work streams ahead.”

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