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Evolution of the Cloud Conversation

By Louise Mahrra

Rye Austin, Sales & Marketing Director at Core, is used to talking to people about transitioning to cloud-based services. But over the past year or so, he’s observed a significant alteration in the way that conversation is going.

In this interview with UC Today, hear from Rye about his "three steps to cloud success".

“Today, people don’t want to put servers in their offices. Even before the very recent huge drive towards remote working, the current climate was changing. Having on-premises environments is high risk and expensive and needs more maintenance. It doesn’t make sense for most customers now, so everyone’s looking at the cloud”, Austin explained.

'Start with the compass, before you unroll the map'

Everything depends on the starting point

20170629_30_Core1271_Rye“Every organisation has got different systems, different data and different needs. So we look to understand how an organisation would make the absolute most of the cloud. And that means looking at the systems they’ve got, because there are different levels of the cloud and different ways of doing things.

“So for one organisation, they might choose to have email hosted in a SaaS style solution that makes the most sense for email. Other systems like document management, they might choose a different platform, and other workloads might be set up on Azure or similar.” he continued, illustrating the complexity and consultative nature of the change management process involved.

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