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Core not only listened to all of our requirements, but also provided guidance tailored to each of them.

Jane Lovesey Six Degrees Programme Manager

Six Degrees
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The Challenge

Six Degrees approached Core with a vision to improve employee experience by modernising the business with an efficient and effective document management system and SharePoint solution.

With most of Six Degrees’ employees being hybrid workers, a system that was simple and user-friendly was required to ensure cohesion and improved communication across the business. Additionally, they required a robust underlying document management system that would be scalable and easy to manage, allowing staff to find and access the information they needed easily in any location.

With in-house resources in high demand and focused on providing services to customers, it was more cost-effective and time efficient for Six Degrees to engage Core to assist them in this modernisation project.

The Solution

Our solution was to split the overhaul into two distinct phases. The first phase was the implementation of an intranet, which would be the internal communication and collaboration platform across the company for all employees, replacing the existing mix of platforms and systems.

We created a bespoke SharePoint intranet platform architecture design, including an intranet hub site that was branded for Six Degrees, ensuring that all department sites were created in a standard, configurable template for easy maintenance.

The second phase of our solution was centred on integrating a SharePoint Document Management System that would further streamline the ability to access reliable, secure, and accurate, up-to-date information across the entire company.

This also included a list of key applications and services for easy access, with quick links to news, an events calendar, and other key applications, ensuring employees could find key information with ease. We ensured this system was fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, and worked seamlessly across mobile, tablet and laptop devices, before moving on to the second phase.

Our DMS was integrated within the SharePoint platform, with all documentation being indexed with robust processes and procedures in place to ensure the accuracy of the information there. We ensured that all relevant security classifications and controls were in place to protect and audit data use, with clearly defined owners who remained accountable for documentation across its lifecycle.

“Core have been outstanding to work with. They really listened to what we were trying to do, talked through all of their ideas, and fully explained the pros and cons involved while taking into account our long-term business goals.”

Jane Lovesey Programme Manager, Six Degrees

The Results

The result of Six Degrees taking this action to support their employees, they experienced:

  • Improved company and team communication
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Reduction in lost time searching for information across different systems and formats
  • A centralised hub for all company communications, events, and key information
  • Improved response times through improvements to locating documents and information
  • A document management system that is user-friendly, secure, and enables content ownership and management across the business

With their own competent IT department, Six Degrees did not require on-going support from Core, however we trained internal champions on best practice for dealing with any challenges or changes to the system in future, and how to use Teams to make updates. Upgrading from outdated systems that didn’t meet their requirements has helped improve the way they work, with the internal IT team, now better enabled to support change and growth.

Why Core

Core delivered a smooth implementation of the required systems for Six Degrees to consolidate and update their mix of portals and platforms, providing a better system for employees, and a better service for customers.

Six Degrees Programme Manager, Jane Lovesey, commented, "Core have been outstanding to work with. They really listened to what we were trying to do, talked through all of their ideas, and fully explained the pros and cons involved while taking into account our long-term business goals. Throughout our collaboration, Core not only listened to all of our requirements, but also provided guidance tailored to each of them. They were flexible, adaptable, and responded well to changes."

Download Case Study


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