A built-for-business solution that’s always on and always available

In the age of flexible, remote and mobile working, your documents need to be secure and quickly and easily accessible – wherever, whenever.

And we can make this happen using our enterprise document management solution.

Using Microsoft SharePoint and our experience and expertise, we can build a SharePoint environment tailored to your business’ needs. This environment will work exactly as you need it to, with taxonomy, security and information architecture all considered. 



Improve document accessibility and sharing through smart document management   

SharePoint will transform the way your company creates and shares work; it’s the natural modern replacement for traditional
file shares and mapped drives. SharePoint gives you the flexibility to control and set the parameters for the system, so every team can work differently, in a way that works for them.

  • Easy Access: access documents from anywhere on any device
  • Intuitive Storage: documents are logically stored, easy to locate and access
  • Security First: document management with a completely secure environment
  • Metadata Support: enjoy better content management through metadata
  • Access Management: easily restrict who can access content through access controls
  • Sharing made Simple: share content internally and externally with just a few clicks

Solutions to suit every business

At Core, we understand that every business is different. Each one has its own unique needs and uses multiple systems for everyday tasks. Your systems need to be agile and responsive to adapt to the changing needs of a modern workplace. SharePoint document management systems eliminate the time and complexity of uploading multiple document versions to lots of systems.


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