Transform sales, marketing, and customer service processes

Organisations today are facing increasing pressure to grow and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of their customers and stay ahead of their competitors; from streamlining their process to increasing visibility of data.

Core’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and own bespoke intellectual property, is an integrated, data-driven software solutions that can help you improve how you interact with, and do business with your customers.

Core's membership solution delivers an all-in-one tool for associations, clubs and not-for-profits to manage membership functions online, eliminating the need for multiple software programs.

Based on 30 years of industry experience, and lead by the UK’s first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for CRM, we add future-proof services that help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competitors.

Membership Platformsv2 - how it works

Easily manage memberships and improve retention

Improve efficiency

Automate your administrative tasks, saving you time to focus on member activities

Increase return on investment

Eliminate the need for multiple platforms and software licenses

Reduce errors

Reduce errors by holding all data in one central database that connects to your email platform, events, and registrations

Achieve and exceed member targets

Integration with your website allows for a better customer journey and experience with more intuitive, easy to use forms  

Improve cash flow

Instantaneous payment processing means no lengthy delays, less time chasing payments and a healthier bank balance


Achieve your transformation goals

Core’s membership software lets you manage your membership subscriptions easily, with a single member view of data and customised communication preferences. You can configure processes for applications, approval and renewals, and arrange membership plans by grade, date country and other customisations to suit your organisation.


With our membership solutions you can have flexible control over all your events, from one-offs to complex multiday conferences. Break down events by session, manage capacity, attendance, venues and sponsorship and make bookings for multiple or individual delegates, all through one platform.  You can even restrict bookings by grade and host invite-only events.


You can control your finances and manage products, prices, VAT and department codes across products with our membership CRM. Our solution integrates seamlessly with other finance applications like SagePay, so you can record card payments directly in CRM.


Our education module is flexible and covers qualifications and components and includes a scoring membership to calculate scores and results. Manage courses, instructors, training, exam criteria, venues and attendance; our membership software makes it easy to manage education.

Other integrations

We’ve designed our membership solution to integrate with lots of different platforms, to maximise its usefulness. These include web service API for controlled access to CRM, ClickDimensions for marketing automation, VATLayer to verify VAT numbers and address verifiers. Our membership CRM can also be integrated with training management systems, exam providers and directories.


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