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By Lucy Wright - January 08, 2019

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Our blog attracts thousands of visitors each week and is an important part of our website; it gives our team of experts the chance to share their knowledge with customers old and new.

Below is an overview of our seven most-visited blogs of 2018... if you haven't already, make sure you read these useful insights!

1. How to restrict access to Office 365 through Microsoft's Conditional Access

In this hugely popular article, our Cloud and Infrastructure Manager, Stephen Hynes, offers a solution to the potential security problems of enabling anytime/anywhere access to Office 365. This article also addresses the issue of locking down Office 365 access to company offices and devices.

2. Can I replace ADFS with AD Connect Seamless Sign-On?

Ever wondered if you can replace ADFS with AD Connect Seamless Sign-On? The answer is revealed in this in-depth article, which also includes an informative FAQ section and an outline of the benefits of SSO.

3. Office 365: What is flow?

Written by our Senior Presales Consultant, Jessica Meats, this blog explains the many features of Microsoft Flow including how it can be used to create useful workflows, and weighs up the pros and cons of the software.

4. Ten reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Discover ten key reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, as explained by our Sales Manager for Government, Paul Saer. With Windows 7 set to expire in just 12 months, now really is the time to make the switch to Windows 10.

5. The severe ramifications of failing to comply with GDPR

In this blog, we explain the possible consequences of not complying with the GDPR that came into effect in May 2018. In simple terms, we explain the things that could happen if you don't comply with the new regulation, and the things you don't really need to worry about.

6. GDPR and its role in how you handle your customer data

Another in our GDPR blog series, this article explains how GDPR affects the way you handle, store and share customer data; a must-read for anyone who stores data of any kind.

7. How we got people using Microsoft Teams

Written by our Microsoft Teams expert, Kathleen Greenan, this blog shares the secret of how Core got our staff to use and embrace Microsoft Teams. We also look at the benefits of using the platform to facilitate easy communication and collaboration among employees.

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