Talbot - Case Study

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Overcoming the skills gaps required to bring a SharePoint project to fruition

“We had a really good, down to earth relationship with a few of the guys, and they know what they are doing.”
Tim Edwards
Head of BI & Development, Talbot Underwriting

Company profile

Talbot Underwriting is an industry-leading insurance and reinsurance specialist in the UK. Talbot has an expert team of highly skilled underwriters and a balanced, geographically-diverse portfolio of short-tail business.


Core’s Virtual SharePoint Team provided Talbot Underwriting with the skills needed to integrate K2 business process management solution with a more effective SharePoint interface.

The challenge

Before the engagement with Core, Talbot had overhauled its business workflow; they had brought in business process management (BPM) systems from K2 and distributed form-capture systems from Capital Capture to improve business efficiency. However, something gelling.

Tim Edwards, the company’s Head of Business Intelligence and Development decided to integrate the K2 system with SharePoint to combine best-in-class BPM with Microsoft’s premium business collaboration platform. Talbot had an in-house IT team, but did not have the required SharePoint expertise.

To solve the problem and deliver the integration Talbot wanted, they called in Core’s Virtual SharePoint Team (VST) as a unique alternative to hiring SharePoint consultants.

The solution

Talbot Underwriting purchased an agreed number of days from Core which guaranteed a SharePoint consultant with the required skills would be on site and available at every stage of the project.

With Core’s experience in delivering integrated K2 and SharePoint solutions, the VST provided Talbot Underwriting not only with SharePoint skills but also skills in workflow and reporting systems.

The end result was a fully-integrated K2 and SharePoint solution that improved Talbot’s business workflow and has proved popular with the company’s end users. Talbot’s own IT team has also been able to develop the expertise it needs to support the solution in-house.

Why choose Core? 

Tim Edwards, Head of BI & Development, Talbot Underwriting:

“Core was very accommodating and would redo and go over stuff to adapt to our changing requirements. They really sorted it out.We had a really good, down to earth relationship with a few of the guys, and they know what they are doing. I’m happy with their competency, they’re reasonable, and they react.”

“The product itself is so much better, so much quicker, and so much easier to use than previously. It’s a huge improvement. It’s very, very good. We’re very comfortable with our knowledge of the environment here.”



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