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Waking up to the value of IT Professionals

By Louise Mahrra

Rye Austin, Chief Commercial Officer, recently spoke with Maya Middlemiss of UC Today to discuss Core's 'Sleep Well' research, revealing stress and sleep problems for the industry's key workers.

For those whose IT skills underpin a growing range of businesses to work in new ways, they’ve never been under greater strain. So it’s unsurprising that recent research from Core into the sleep patterns of IT professionals discovered some worrying patterns, including 74% of them getting insufficient sleep, and more than half of them resorting to daytime napping just to catch up.

In this interview, Rye talks about the report’s findings — and about the way that human problems like these can easily go undetected for too long, even when organisations are good at tracking technical metrics.

Human cost

20170629_30_Core1271_Rye“When people get stressed out, they end up getting sick, getting migraines… And with no end in sight they’ll vote with their feet,” he explained. "As organisations continue in a state of persistent pressure with changing policy and environmental factors, the losses could be severe." Austin continued.

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