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If It Ain't Pembroke, Don't Fix It - Season 1 Episode 5 featuring Harry Reid

By Core Newsroom

The time has come for the last episode of 2022 of our podcast, If It Ain’t Pembroke, Don’t Fix It, hosted by Core Account Manager, Mark Pembroke!

In this pre-Christmas special, Mark is joined once again by a very special guest, host of our former podcast, Reid Only Access, former Core colleague and Mark’s best mate, Harry Reid!

Harry tells us about his career journey from his first job to now working at Microsoft after Core, and the guys chat about Christmas dinners, Room 101 pet peeves, Christmas shopping and more! If you’re looking for a way to wind down with a few laughs before Christmas, grab yourself a drink and have a listen as our dynamic duo bring some joy to the end of your work day!


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